The importance of the Sealing pile for the the steel doors and windows

 In the steel doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows broken bridge production and installation, not least, an accessory , is seal. Seal the purposes into the glass seal ( tape ) and two tops , glass for glass sealing between the frame and the fans and sealing tops primarily for sealing between the frame and the fan . Sealing strip , generally used in peaceful open hanging on the window casement windows and casement and sash windows and other windows -type seal between sash and glass ; sealing tops, generally used in sliding the seal between the fan and the fan , dustproof effect.

    The tops of the installation site is generally the window ( door ) on the fan , box fan surrounded or enclosed bridge ( windshield blocks ) , and enhance the seal between the frame and the fan . Specifications are affected tops watertight sliding doors and an important factor in the performance , but also affect the switching power windows important factor . Tops specification is too large or vertical hair too high, not only difficult to assemble , but make doors and windows mobile resistance increases , especially when the initial resistance is turned on and off when the last place greater resistance . Size is too small, or the vertical tops high enough, easy to prolapse outside the tank , so that doors and windows sealing performance is greatly reduced. Siliconized tops subject to satisfactory quality appearance of the surface flat tops , bottom and vertical hair smooth, no bending , no pitting on the floor , in line 0.20MM requirements.

From the above, we can see that the sealing strip in steel doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows broken bridge played a waterproof seal , and the important role of energy-saving , noise , dust, frost, warm. It must have a strong tensile strength , good flexibility , but also good heat resistance and resistance to aging. In order to ensure the fastening strips and profiles , cross-sectional structure size strips must match with PVC window profiles.


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