Aluminum casement window with sliding doors and windows in the comparison

Sash windows and casement windows and doors in the building is currently widely used in two different windows manner, using the same glass and accessories circumstances compared to their own merits , is more popular on the market today , and practical aluminum window type fenestration . Casement is the hinge ( hinge ) mounted on the doors and windows open inward or outward side doors ; while sliding sash windows mainly refers to the direction perpendicular to the horizontal sliding around doors and windows .

First, from the appearance of casement and sash windows with the main difference lies in the mix of the overall style of the building , Casement flexibility because of its relatively large sub-grid , you can make any of the lines of their facades , and for Oita lattice windows , the fan turned on only a small part of the entire window , so the more applicable to the overall effect of the building requires more rigorous luxury real estate , specially designed to meet the architect pursued Oita grid, spacious and bright, transparent effect, coordinated look smooth construction . Sliding open the fan bit can only be because the level of push and pull, and therefore difficult to fix the glass cell with Oita matches are generally more suitable for horizontal and vertical lines of the opening of the more distinct plant or rural home construction .

Secondly, in the windows of the three properties ( wind pressure resistance , water tightness , air tightness ) , the general is better than sliding sash casement window . Windows and doors windows and doors wind pressure performance depends on the main resistance force rod moments , often greater the resistance profiles of the cross-sectional moment have a little bigger, but not exactly proportional . Casement general profile cross-section smaller but its main force is to fight to the bar in the vertical jamb material or material that the main force Rod in the design process will be appropriate for enhancing treatment, so its performance is better wind pressure . Sliding Window Profile section generally larger , arguably its wind resistance performance should be better, but as long as a little in-depth stress analysis at a glance the main force is often the fan rod material , while its upper and lower pulley stiles alone to withstand horizontal wind loads , so the performance of wind pressure are generally not ideal. Watertight doors and windows open parts of the seal depends on the effect of general use tape for sealing casement windows , and sliding tops generally used for sealing , sealing strips generally superior tops sealed. In the current market tightness aspect casement window open fan site more world using two locks or locking locks sealed , the sealing effect is better. The sliding window is generally used hook lock or latch for locking the sealing effect is not ideal. So casement window in three performance generally better than sliding is good. This is why most of the high-end commercial and residential are choosing to use Casement reason.

    Again, from the price point of view , the same grade casement and sliding windows are not very different , slightly higher than sliding sash casement window . Ordinary casement aluminum windows price from 200 to 350 yuan / m2, mid- priced window 450 to 600 yuan / m2, high casement generally priced 800 yuan / m2 or more. Ordinary push doors is generally 150 to 300 yuan / m2, mid-range aluminum sliding windows at 350 ~ 500 yuan / m2, high sliding doors $ 600 / m2 or more.

    Finally, come from the use of functional analysis : sliding because open and flexible, simple and easy to operate by the majority of users of all ages ; contrast casement hinge is generally used because of its ( hinge ) connection , open the general use of the hand open , in operation, often without sliding flexible.

    Fifth, in the manufacture on : Sliding general structure is simple, requires no special equipment , so its easy to small workshops or on-site processing and production ; casement sashes are generally used because of its aluminum angle code to connect, therefore require more good ram machine can only produce excellent aluminum casement window .

    As can be seen from the above points , sliding sash casement window in performance than better, but sliding in the manufacture and operation of the use of slightly better off than the casement . Comprehensive comparison of these factors, Casement widely adopted city


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