Aluminum windows and doors specifications

Aluminum windows and doors specifications

Aluminum extrusion for the frame , transom , fan material called aluminum windows and doors windows and doors production , referred to aluminum doors and windows. Including aluminum rod for the force ( weight and withstand the loads and passing bar ) substrate and wood, plastic composite doors and windows , referred to as aluminum composite wood doors and windows, aluminum composite windows and doors .


Aluminum windows and doors aluminum sliding doors, sliding aluminum windows , casement aluminum doors , aluminum windows and aluminum casement door five kinds of the spring .

One kind of windows and doors are divided into basic combinations doors and windows. Basic windows and doors from the box , fan , glass, hardware accessories , sealing materials and other components. Combination of two or more of the basic windows and doors windows and doors combined with a spell tang material into other forms of window or even windows.


Press to turn divided into: fixed windows, hanging on the window , hanging in the window , under hung windows , vertical transfer window , door windows , casement pulleys , pulley windows, casement hanging under doors, sliding doors, sliding casement window , folding doors , floor spring door .

According to the performance is divided into: ordinary type doors and windows, soundproof windows and doors , insulation windows and doors .

By application site is divided into : internal doors , external doors and windows.


  Each door by door frames constructed thickness dimension is divided into several series, such as door frame structure size of 90mm thickness aluminum sliding doors , then known as 90 series sliding aluminum doors . These are the profiles of the width in millimeters. 50.60 usually casement , 73,80,85,90 mostly to sliding


Aluminum sliding doors , 70 series and 90 series are two basic doorway height 2100,2400,2700, 3000mm, width of base openings 1500,1800,2100,2700,3000,3300,3600 mm. Sliding aluminum windows with 55 series, 60 series, 70 series, 90 series , 90 an I series . Basic window opening height 900,1200,1400,1500,1800,2100 mm; basic window opening width of 1200,1500, 1800,2100,2400,2700,3000 mm.


Aluminum Swing 50 series, 55 series , 70 series. Basic doorway height 2100,2400, 2700mm, width of base openings 800,900,1200,1500,1800 mm. Aluminum casement window with 40 series, 50 series, 70 series. Basic window opening height 600, 900,1200,1400,1500,1800,2100 mm; basic window opening width of 600,900,1200,1500,1800,2100 mm.


Aluminum floor spring doors 70 series , 100 series. Basic doorway height 2100,2400,2700,3000,3300 mm, width of base openings 900,1000,1500,1800,2400,3000,3300,3600 mm.


Anodized aluminum alloy surface has a silvery color , bronze . According to post- processing Extrusion , basically can be divided into oxidation, electrophoresis , electrostatic powder coating, fluorocarbon spraying these types , ie painting in different ways. Currently on the market for 85% of consumption is electrostatic powder coating profiles , that color aluminum .


  Glass varieties can be an ordinary sheet glass , float glass , laminated glass , tempered glass, hollow glass. Glass thickness is 5mm or 6mm.


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